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Secretaries, Superintendents and CEOs

Hon. Secretary

1913-1920 Peter William Minshaw Forbes

1921-1922 Melbourne Green

1923-1925 Oscar Lester Robson

1925-1949 Sidney Wills Pulsford

Hon. Secretary-Superintendent

1920-1922 Peter William Minshaw Forbes

Hon. Superintendent

1923-1928 Alfred Lambert Lonsdale

Superintendent-Secretary/Welfare Director

1928-1929 Herbert Victor Stannard Hersee

Welfare Officer

1929-1930 Rev George Poynder

Hon. Superintendent

1930-1938 Alfred Lambert Lonsdale

General Secretary-Superintendent

1938-1953 Alfred Lambert Lonsdale

1953-1972 William James Engel

General Superintendent

1972-1976 William James Engel

Secretary/Administrative Officer

1972-1977 Robert Ray Quail

Chief Executive Officer

1977-1988 Robert Ray Quail

1988-1999 Anne Mac Rae

Position of Chief Executive Officer split in two positions from 1999 to 2009:

Executive Director – Corporate Services

1999-2005 Sharon Everson

Executive Director – Client and Community Services

1999-2005 Rebecca Ladd

Executive Director – Corporate

2005-2009 Sharon Everson

Executive Director – Services

2005-2009 Rebecca Ladd

Chief Executive Officer

2009- Sharon Everson